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AC Installation Service in Ahmedabad

Buying an AC is a necessity, not a comfort in today’s rising temperatures. A new AC is a boon in the blistering summer heat, making our home cooler and comfortable. Nowadays, newer models of AC’s have dominated the market which are more energy efficient and impart better cooling at a faster rate. So, many people are investing in these AC’s, even exchanging their older, less efficient ones for the latest model AC’s. However, an AC when not installed properly does not function well. So, it is essential to ensure that its installation is done accurately with proper fit and all its connections, outlet and pipes are placed correctly to avoid any trouble while using it. Solution Bazaar offers prompt and efficient AC installation services in Ahmedabad and its experienced AC installation team enables you to enjoy your AC to the fullest.

AC Installation Service in Ahmedabad

Different models of AC’s need to be installed differently. Window AC’s and split AC’s are the two most in demand models of AC’s available in the market. Also, the intended use of the AC’s is also important in selecting the right type of AC’s- whether it is for your home or office. Window AC’s, once the only type of AC’s, are the most widely used model worldwide. They are a single unit AC which can be installed relatively easily in the window of the intended room.

Window AC’s are slowly getting replaced by split AC’s which have two units- one outdoor and the other indoor. The outdoor unit has the compressor and the fan, while the indoor unit has the air conditioner. The installation of split AC requires ducting and wiring of both the units in the location decided by you. These AC’s are ruling the market as they are more affordable and comfortable for regular use. Both these types of AC’s are installed by our services, Solution Bazaar in Ahmedabad.

About Solution Bazaar: Best AC Installation Service in Ahmedabad

Solution Bazaar is a top-rated AC installation service provider in Ahmedabad with a team of highly competent and efficient personnel who ensure that your AC installation is complete on time and functioning properly. You hire us to install your AC and relax, sit back. Switch on the remote and enjoy the whiff of cool air that hits you with the flick of a button! Aiming to provide top quality AC installation service to our customers, Solution Bazaar guarantees quick and efficient work that is done by our AC technicians.

Solution Bazaar has established itself as the most in-demand AC installation service in Ahmedabad with more than 10 years of dedicated service. Our team of skilled staff take all the necessary steps to make sure that your AC is installed correctly as we place utmost importance to proper functioning of all your home appliances to avoid you having to deal with any inconvenience that may occur later. On getting in touch with Solution Bazaar, our AC installation experts will guide you through the whole process and provide a problem-free installation of your AC.

Best AC Installation Services in Ahmedabad

Why choose Solution Bazaar AC installation services?

Solution Bazaar has set a high benchmark for excellence in providing AC installation services in Ahmedabad. Our services are:

  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Offer transparent pricing
  • Affordable
  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • High quality
  • Competitive costs
  • Excellent customer support

Solution Bazaar 's AC installation process

Solution Bazaar 's AC installation process

After contacting us and mentioning the type of AC that needs to be installed- window or split, Solution Bazaar’s agent will fix a date that is convenient for you for the installation of your AC. Before they arrive, determine the location where you want your AC to be installed. For central cooling requirements, a place where the hot air can escape properly from the room should be selected. A well-built window should be available for installing window AC’s. Split AC’s should have adequate space for both indoor and outdoor units, with the outdoor unit balanced correctly on a sturdy stand.

Solution Bazaar’s AC installation team will install your AC according to its type in the following steps:

For split AC’s, the indoor unit is installed first. After confirming the best suitable spot for it on the wall, the indoor unit is mounted and secured at the proper height. Power, duct and drainage lines are connected step-by-step with accuracy.

Next, the outdoor unit is placed at a location where conditions are ideal for proper air circulation and there is no blockage to the airflow. After establishing a secure connection between the indoor and the outdoor units, Solution Bazaar’s AC installation technician will insulate them to avoid any electrical hazards.

Solution Bazaar’s AC installation service involves proper wiring of the electrical components of your AC adhering to the manufacturer’s regulations. To avoid any short circuits, our expert AC installation personnel will provide adequate earthing to the wires.

For installation of the central cooling system, our technician from Solution Bazaar will install and inspect the air ducts. They should be adequately sealed to minimize energy wastage.

After setting up everything in proper order, Solution Bazaar’s AC installation team will test the AC to check whether it is able to provide proper cooling quickly and efficiently. Other issues like unexpected noises or leaks are also checked thoroughly and resolved immediately.

After ensuring that the AC is well-mounted adhering to the installation standards of the AC company, Solution Bazaar’s AC installation professionals will give a guide on how to set various controls on your AC to maximize cooling at optimal energy consumption. After you are fully satisfied with our AC installation, only then Solution Bazaar’s team will take your leave and allow you to enjoy the excellent comfort of your AC.

Installation of AC’s is not an easy task as it requires expertise and skill. A lot of careful planning and execution goes into the proper mounting and functioning of your AC. Solution Bazaar’s expert team of AC installation service is one of the most trusted and sought-after workforce in Ahmedabad. Solution Bazaar offers AC installation of all brands of AC’S that are available in the shops and both for home and office use. Our cost-effective and efficient AC installation service is backed by glowing testimonials from our clients making Solution Bazaar the #1 in Ahmedabad.

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